1) What is the point of Matthew’s description of the escape of Mary,Joseph, and Jesus to Egypt and their later retun to Nazareth (Matt.2:13-23)? How does Matthew make his point?

responce must be in one paper not less then one page like essay

Is about the New Testament (Matthew Gospel)


2) In the story about Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness (Matt.4:1-11), what are the three temptations or challenges that Jesus successfully overcomes? How does he overcome them?



3) Mark 4:10-11 gives a difficult and harsh explanation for the reason why Jesus taught in parables. In what ways does Matthew retain the same explanation? In what ways does he alter it? (Matt. 13:13-16.) Explain.


4) Compare Matthew’s story of Peter’s confession of faith (Matt. 16:13-23) with Mark’s version of the story ( Mark 8:27-33). What did Matthew do to change Mark’s story? Also, speculate on why he might have changed it as he did.