A 3-page Paper about Race and Poverty in the Americas

3-4 pages, three sources taken from attachments blow (no sources outside the material we dealt with

in class), any type of citation allowed, 12 font, double spaced.


The assignment is a sincere reflection on issues of race/racism, poverty, and their nexus. This reflection

will involve your(a Chinese international student) position (not only as conscious/aware being, but also as positioned bodily creatureconditioned by your context: class, gender, geography, race, etc…) as it engages and takes the authors we’ve read and experiences of others seriously. As suggested by Minjung: this assignment can be

broken down into two parts, these two parts are conceptual and not chronological: the first asks you to

investigate your identity as it is shaped by social realities like: race, white, non-white, colonization,

imperialism, immigrant, colonized, white supremacy, non-white suffering, stereo-typing, prejudice,

racism; and other most significant abstractions: religion, gender, sexuality, geography, etc… and the

second asks you to do the first, investigate your identity, by engaging with, scholars who investigate, and

write about these subjects (i.e. the readings we had), and, the experiences of other communities,

identities, etc…