a 4-pages paper in philosophy!!!!


The theme for this last four page written assignment is ethics. For pages 1 and 2 present a brief summary of what constitutes ethical behavior for Kant, Camus, and Sartre using the three texts we’ve discussed: Kant’s Grounding, Camus’ The Stranger, and Sartre’s Respectable Prostitute and The Flies. Be sure to explain the key underlying principle or rationale for each philosopher’s view. (Note: You’ll need to determine whether Sartre is making the same point with The Flies as with The Respectable Prostitute.) For pages 3 and 4 focus on one of the above texts and compare that philosopher’s view with YOUR OWN view on ONE of the following topics: (a) freedom and human agency, (b) authenticity, (c) the human capacity for ethical reasoning, or (d) the role of religious or social views in grounding what counts as ethical behavior.

For pages 3-4 you may present a criticism of the philosophical view you selected, or highlight its good points in treating the topic, or explain how you’ve appropriated elements of the philosopher’s view into your own view about ethical behavior, or some combination of the above. Whichever approach you use, as with the initial two pages, be sure to explain the underlying principles and rationale for YOUR OWN view. Before you start working on the essay, think through one possible counter-example that might undermine your account of what counts as ethical behavior. Then be sure to incorporate your solution to this “problem” or explain why the “problem” isn’t really a problem at all. Once again, the prompt is: Discuss how the following question is answered in each of the four texts: “What constitutes ethical behavior?” (pages 1-2) Then select one text and compare your own personal view with it by focusing one topic (a)-(d). (pages 3-4) Same guidelines as before.