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Select a terrorist incident that has occurred in the United States. Research how various agencies responded to this incident. What were two proactive responses and two reactive responses to this incident? What were the outcomes of these responses? Which types of responses, proactive or reactive, are more effective against a terrorist threat? Explain your response.

this needs to be 150 words and due this friday 1 pm times new roman and microfoft word only!!!!!



         The USA PATRIOT Act (2001) seeks to eliminate the barriers between intelligence agencies and law enforcement by improving communication among agencies and expanding surveillance capabilities. Is the USA PATRIOT Act (2001) compatible or in conflict with the U.S. Constitution? What are some of the issues related to intelligence operations and interagency cooperation that have resulted from this act? What are some positive results of the act? Explain your responses. 

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As a manager for a large, multinational corporation, you travel 

around the world giving presentations and conducting meetings. 

You always try to include humor as an icebreaker. What potential 

barriers could you face when delivering your presentation in the 

United States, China, the United Kingdom, and India? Are you 

able to give the same presentation in all four locations? Why or 

why not?

150 words microsoft words times new roman only!!!!!due friday 1 pm