Analyze Three Advertisements using critical thinking skills (Must Have 5 star rating)

For your written assignment, find three advertisements. These can be videos, radio ads, print ads, interactive media, or any other sort of media used for advertising purposes. For each advertisement, provide a ½ page word analysis that answers the following questions:

  • Summarize the advertisement, the apparent demographic it is aimed at, and the product it is pitching.
  • What are the arguments being made? Are they explicit or only implied?
  • Are the arguments being forwarded cogent? Why or why not?
  • What sorts of devices, rhetorical, language, or other are employed to either enhance or distract the audience from the message?

Please follow detailed instructions in red. Must be three advertisements, answer all 4 questions, and for each advertisement please do 1/2 word analysis page no less. Please use correct grammar and punctuation.


Must be completed by 9:00 PM Cental Standard Time tomorrow 03/09 and contact me asap when finished