Article Review 4




I have to make video recording for 2-3 minute for reviewing an article.

I need you to write 300-400 words so I can use it to make the video recording.


I need simple sentences and informal.


Also, I want 1-4 PowerPoint slide just write the key points of the article, do not write full sentences.


Article Review #4–video

1.    Review the article (attached).

2.    Now review Pyrczak’s questions on page 12 (attached)

3.    Select 3-4 questions from Pyrczak’s questions on page 12 (let me know which questions you selected)

4.    In your video, answer 3-4 of those questions in a 2-3 minute VoiceThread. Do not go over 3 minutes.


Remember to review the assignment rubric:

Video Article Summary 30 points: 


10 points:

Uses at least one and a maximum of four PowerPoint slides (or a Prezi) that covers the basic article information and the key point.


10 points:

Highlights verbally and articulates the 3-4 most important takeaways 
from the article in two minutes.


10 points:

Clearly and explicitly connects two or three points from the article to 
current and ongoing issues in education and research, i.e. situates the findings in an educational context.