Can You Measure the ROI of Your Social Media Marketing?

Can You Measure the ROI of Your Social Media Marketing?


You should include additional information to help in the analyses. You are to refer to materials from the readings and outside materials to support your contentions.  Adhere to APA guidelines.  There is a 2-page limit on verbiage (not including title page and references). The qualities I’m looking for in these reports:


  1. You present your own thinking and work and NOT a restatement of the case.  I am familiar with the case.
  2. Your paper should present your argument and then present facts and opinions that should support your argument.
  3. Cite any sources for your information.  You do not need to cite these cases because I know that much of the information will come in some way from them, however if you use additional information from the course readings, a newspaper, website, magazine, journal or book other than specifically out of the case, you should cite that source to give credit to the owner of the idea/knowledge you are borrowing. 

Please address the following issues as you are analyzing this case.

1.     Discuss and evaluate the traditional and new measures of SMM ROI.

2.     Critique the relevant metrics for social media applications. Do others come to mind?

3.     Integrate the legal and ethical concerns to the social media evaluation.