Can you run a couple hypothesis?

Hi I need this by tomorrow morning. Can anyone help me? I’m just not sure that I’m doing this right. Thanks.


At the start of the project, you documented your expected values along with your question formulations. You did not know it at the time, but you were hypothesizing about the future survey results. Now that you have the actual survey data, you can go back and apply the tools of inferential statistics to test your hypotheses.

For this component, complete the following:

Calculate an appropriate 95% confidence interval for each question.
Perform an appropriate one-sample hypothesis test for each question. Based on the context of your questions, you may choose to set up your hypothesis test as a one-tail or two-tail test.

Remember, we want to estimate population proportions in questions 1–4 and population means in questions 5–6 (from Unit 7). We already calculated the sample statistics for each question in Unit 7. Feel free to use this prior work to help complete the above tasks. That is, we already have sample proportions for questions 1–4 as well as sample means and standard deviations for questions 5–6.