Communication in Nursing

Communication in Nursing Write a essay examining the communication skills required to achieve competency in standard 9.1 of the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Council (ANMC) National Competency Standards for the Registered Nurse. Your response should be guided by analysis of the theories/principles and concepts of psychosocial nursing. Consideration should also be given to the consequences of poor communication in nursing. The essay should check all of the following points. Skilfully communicates meaning with fluency and clarity that is free from errors in grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation. Introduction is interesting/engaging providing background to the topic and clearly identifies the focus of the essay and outlines what is to be discussed. Body of the paper demonstrates evidence of a logically flowing discussion plan that relates to the question asked. Paragraphs are well developed, ideas are appropriately linked/signposted from one paragraph to the next enhancing discussion flow. Conclusion clearly summarises the main points of the essay, tying them together in a way that clearly addresses the focus of the task without introducing any new information. Demonstrates clear understanding of the ANMC competency standards as they relate to communication in nursing with specific reference to standard 9.1. Demonstrates extensive, comprehensive understanding of the skills, principles & theories of interpersonal communication as they relate to nursing. Extensively explores therapeutic communication in nursing and reflects on the associated impact on health outcomes. Skilfully supports discussion by integrating extensive high quality relevant literature throughout essay