Completion of an assignment, demonstrating an understanding of Health & wellbeing

Order Description 1Select a client/patient encountered during your placement that provides scope to apply learning from the module i.e. a public health issue that was highlighted e.g. smoking? 2 Review public health policies that are relevant to the client/patient and influential in the management of their care and choose one to explore e.g. Reducing Smoking (2013)? Using one model of health e.g. biopsychosocial, salutogenic review the health and social care needs of the individual and say how you would help to support and empower them as a student nurse e.g. using brief interventions ? Explore which therapies could be offered to support behaviour change for your client/patient these generally fall into 2 main groups:- “ Talking therapies e.g. counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) OR “ Complementary & alternative therapies such as acupuncture, hypnotherapy, reflexology.Choose one to explore the evidence for and discuss as a suppportive . therapy.Learning Outcomes on Module Descriptor?The assignment should include discussion of learning outcomes 1 &; 4 as indicated on the module descriptor which are:-1. Explore different models of health and the contribution of therapies to health and wellbeing.2. Examine the relationship of policy, power and empowerment to health and wellbeing. Suggested essay structure Introduction “ Aim of essay- ?set the scene? for the reader? Rationale for choice i.e. why the client/patient chosen is relevant to the assignment brief (case scenario can be an appendix so not included in word count but helps reader) ? Ensure anonymity “ NMC and use of pseudonym ? State which policy you will use and why, stating its relevant to the public health issue for discussion? State which model of health you have chosen and why ? State which therapy you have chosen and whyMain section? Give a brief overview of the client/patient and their health issues and a definition of any condition they have e.g. COPD and its link to the public health issue? Explore the chosen policy in terms of how it will work and influence public health for everyone ? Examine which health and social care practitioners may be involved in your client/patients care and what their role would be? Discuss your chosen model of health and say how it would impact on your practice as a student nurse & how you could empower your client/patient? Discuss the chosen therapy and say how it could help support your client/patient with behaviour change. Learning Outcomes 1 and 41. Explore different models of health and the contribution of therapies to health and wellbeing.? What is the model of health saying about behaviour change, how you can support people to make changes as a student nurse. ? Which therapies can assist in behaviour change e.g. talking or complementary and alternative therapies. search the literature to find the appropriate supporting evidence .4. Examine the relationship of policy, power and empowerment to health and wellbeing. ? Choose an underpinning health policy; Equity and Excellence (DH, 2010), Healthy Lives, Healthy People, (DH 2010), Marmot Review, No Health withhout Mental Health (DH 2011) ? You may discuss the changes in the commissioning of health services as of Aril 2013:- Public Health England, shift of services from hospital to community and the impact this may have ? Brief interventions you can utilise as a student nurse to support behaviour change. Conclusion? Revisit all the key points? Do not introduce new evidence/discussion at this point? References? In APA it is important to provide a list of references at the end of your work and citations throughout the essay. ? Most paragraphs should contain at least one relevant citation matched by a full reference. See APA guidelines ? on line