COMPUTERS lab unit 2 IP


For this lab exercise, you will download and modify a resume template found here.

Complete the following steps:

    • Step 1: Download the resume template to your computer.
    • Step 2: Change the first section of the resume (address and contact information) to reflect your own address and contact information. If you do not want to use your personal information, make up your address and use your AIU e-mail account.
    • Step 3: Put your name in the place of Joe Doe.
    • Step 4: Change the font of your name to Times New Roman, size 26 or 28.
    • Step 5: Add the following headings in italics:
      • Objective
      • Experience
      • Education
      • Skills
    • Step 6: Modify the dates and jobs under the Experience heading to your last 3 jobs. If you do not have 3 prior jobs, this can be fictional.
    • Step 7: Change the job titles and responsibilities to those that you had at each job.
    • Step 8: Under the Education section, detail the education that you have currently obtained. Include the degree that you are pursuing now. Use what is written in the template under “Education” as a guide.
    • Step 9: Under Skills, list your best skills. Please keep this to no more than 3 lines. For this exercise, that is all that is needed.
    • Step 10: Modify the resume so that it is contained to a single page.
    • Step 11: Save the resume as your “First Name_Last Name_Resume.”
      • Example: JDoeResume.docx.