Concert reports for my music class

Hi i have required to write 2 concert reports each one has to be 2 pages for my music class. i have attended 2 different concerts and i have recorded them.also i have the guidelines of  what i need to write about. the due date is on December 9th. Concert Reports

You will be required to attend 2 concerts within the semester you take this course. Please provide a program where applicable, and write a 2 – 3 page report (double spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font with 1’’ margins on all sides) describing your experience. Rather than a blow by blow description of what occurred at the concert (which can usually be found in the program), consider the following topics:


·         Atmosphere and your impressions of the concert hall.

·         How did the performers present themselves (clothes, behavior, etc.)?

·         Where applicable, in what genre and musical time period does a piece on the program fit? Does the programming have a historical or instrumental theme, or does it seem random?

·         What emotions did you experience when listening to each piece?

·         How did your fellow audience members respond to the music?

·         What feedback might you give the performers about your experience?


Bear in mind, these are not hard and fast scientific documents. You are certainly not limited to the above questions, nor must every one appear in your report. They are simply intended to offer ideas. You are allowed and encouraged to express your own impressions of the music (positive AND negative), as long as you do so in an organized, thoughtful way. The purpose of these reports is not to force you into any one way of experiencing music, but rather to add your ideas and your experience to the whole.