conflict management critical thinking 2

Option #2:Reflective Analysis

Think of a conflict you recently experienced (this can be work-related, in your personal life, or in any context that personally involved you).

Briefly explain the conflict and your response to it. Of the four possible conflict responses (passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive, and assertive), which one did you use? What did this response look like?

Now, generate three additional possible responses using the other three types of conflict response. Explain how you believe each one would have affected the outcome of the conflict. Also, identify and evaluate what theory or theories are present in your example.

Provide justifications, in the form of research, for your decisions and include references to 3-4 credible sources outside of the course and its required readings/media. Consider searching for these sources in the CSU-Global Library.

Your paper should be 2-4 pages in length, well-written, and formatted according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.