Coordinated School Health

For each selected article you are to complete the following write up: (minimum of 2 pages per article) i. Title of article, author, journal & year. ii. Component of Coordinated School Health Associated with.(listed below) iii. Analyze the article: pick apart the information and evaluate it in the context of if you think it is accurate and reliable. iv. Reflection of the article: What educational impact does this article have? What impact does it have on education overall? What implications does it have on health education? And any other questions that you think of when reading the article. Coordinated School Health Coordinated School Health Programs on the internet to see all of the 8 components. A good website to learn about it is: Coordinated school health (CSH) is recommended by CDC as a strategy for improving students’ health and learning in our nation’s schools. These pages outline the rationale and goals for CSH, provide a model framework for planning and implementing CSH, and offer resources to help schools, districts, and states improve their school health programs. The Case for CSH Components of CSH Data & Statistics Goals of CSH How Schools Can Implement CSH How States Can Support CSH Frequently Asked Questions Publications & Resources