Course Description:



This is an integrative course in marketing planning and strategy. It is applications-oriented, focusing on developing a marketing plan with a focus on customer relationship management. Students will apply theories and concepts in the areas of marketing, management, economics, and finance in the marketing planning process.



Achieve the ability to present the findings of marketing strategies via written and oral communication.

Execute mastery of customer analysis, competitor analysis, branding, marketing communication, channel designs, pricing strategies, and the whole marketing environment.

Appropriate use in how to design and conduct quantitative and qualitative marketing research to support marketing plan writing and research.

Compose a marketing plan that incorporates research.

Appropriate use in integrating, extending, and applying a marketing strategy and knowledge skills in a live business context.


Reflecting on the focus and content of this course, what is an important challenge facing management of organizations today and how would you go about addressing it? Explain.