Critical Appraisal for chosen articles about High-fidelity simulation in nurse education

Project description
Kindly, within 6000 word limit I want to critique three research articles; one Qualitative, one Quantitative and one Mixed methods. You find attached articles and the learning outcomes that must be met. Additionally, you will find guidelines for helping you to meet these learning outcomes. Moreover, you will find in the attachment a copy of a previous work for the same module from a previous student. It will help you to structure your writing. it is just an example. Later, I will try to add some instruction that I will get from my tutor. So,Please, let me have the outlines for your writing as soon as possible to discuss it with my tutors in order to maintain their requirements.

The main focus must be on those three articles, not on the topic of simulation only. So, you will critique each article separately just like the attached example. Then you will make a comparison between them in term of the quality of methods, process and result. At the end you will make a discussion about articles finding. I know that you are going to read the articles deeply –

This is a critical appraisal, so you must use critical appraisal framework to guide your critique. You find attached framework, it is Hek and Moule (2006). You need to answer its questions according to Research books criteria. For example, when you critique the title you may say” despite that the title is short, it remains informative” (XX, 2009). You need to reference each point in your critique. I assumed that you need to use many of research books.