Critically review the health needs of a vulnerable population.

N572: Diverse Vulnerable Populations. Battered Women and Broken Spirits Students may work individually or in pairs on this assignment. If two students work together on this assignment, each will receive the same grade on the assignment. Each student or pair of students will submit a scholarly paper related to a vulnerable population topic. The paper should be in the form of a manuscript which is suitable for publication, and it is expected that the student(s) will eventually submit the paper for publication. Students must identify the journal to which they plan to submit, and include a copy of the author/submission guidelines when they submit the draft of the paper and the final paper to the instructor. Note that the paper should be written in the format required for submission to the identified journal (this may or may not be APA format). The paper should be focused on one of the following: 1. Critically review the health needs of a vulnerable population. 2. Critically explore how a health issue affects a vulnerable population 3. Apply a cultural competence or vulnerable populations framework to a population 4. Propose a new framework for cultural competence or for studying vulnerable populations 5. Evaluate the role of ethics and/or policy in the health of a vulnerable population Other foci may be appropriate, and can be negotiated with the instructor. Regardless of what focus is taken, all papers will require a comprehensive review of the related literature. While there is no �minimum number� of references, you must demonstrate an in-depth literature review. You must inform the instructor of your topic no later than Wednesday, March 3, 2010 . A draft of the paper is due to the instructor no later than March 10, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. The draft is not expected to have every element fully developed, but should be more than just an outline. The instructor will review the draft for flow of ideas and for content, but not for grammar, spelling, formatting, etc. The instructor will read and provide feedback on the student�s (s�) draft. It is expected that the student(s) will submit their paper for publication to the journal identified. The instructor will provide feedback on the final paper when it is returned to the student(s). The instructor will continue to work with the student(s) on further development/refinement of the manuscript, after the course is over, and will be second author (or third author, in the case of a student pair) on the manuscript. (AJN Guidelines: