For this Exam/Assignment, you are to select one of the System Archetypes we have just covered, and apply it to a specific real world problem. The problem may be one you are personally aware of or experiencing, or one taken from a current company’s efforts.  Note the quest here is a current problem with no solution yet identified.  Describe and define the System Archetype being reflected in this current issue.  Then, based on the “Seven Action Steps” associated with that Archetype, describe the fix you would implement to offset the archetype.  Include as many potential solutions as you can identify, any external factors that may affect the system, as well as any risks and mitigation for those risks.  Close with what you believe to be the best solution.


The paper is to be APA format and the body of your report a minimum of here (3) pages. Title pages, abstract and citation pages do not count in the total of the required three page minimum.


Finally, include a PPT presentation that reflects your archetype and solution.  The PPT is to be a minimum of six (6) slides. Title and a “Questions” slide do not count in the total of the six slide minimum.