Discussion Questions1

Please respond to the following questions in 100-250 words. Please support ALL posts with outside sources.


1. How would you define an ethical dilemma? What makes something a dilemma? How does being confronted with a dilemma make you feel in the workplace?


2. Here are some Labor laws to be aware of at least on a basic level. As administrators, you may be confronted by these issues more than once in your career.


1)    Labor laws

a)    Norris LaGuardia Act (1932)

b)    National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) of 1935

c)    Taft Hartley Act (1947)

d)    Landrum Griffin Act (1959)

e)    State labor laws

(1)   Right to work states

f)     Labor issues (1)  Collective bargaining

(2)   Strikes


2)     Employment and labor ethics

a)     Staffing

(1)   Recruitment and retention

(2)   Staff-patient ratios

(3)   Mandatory overtime

b)    Temporary staffing (1)   Contracted workers

(2)   Disaster planning and staffing

c)    Physician and provider credentialing

Please choose one and describe its role and significance to a health care administrator.


3. Please consider the ethical principle of justice when discussing a resource allocation issue (organ transplants, staffing, etc). How does it apply?


4. Who is a potential stakeholder and what is their interest in the outcome when there are resource allocation issues? For example, how would you ethically respond to resource allocation issues such as who would get a transplant? 

Who gets a scarce treatment or immunization? Who has access to a provider in high demand?



5. Is it an absolute requirement that a contact be in writing? Explain.