Drug and alcohol abuse is ( or is not) a serious problem among many young people.

Exemplification Essay Exemplification Essay Write a 500-750 word essay using exemplification as a method of development. Include a title page and outline with your essay. Writing Approach Determine exactly what point you are going to make and write it down in precise terms. Think about why you want to make this point. Develop a thesis statement, then choose examples and details that count for something, those that move the reader toward some goal. Choose the best examples that honestly reflect the group or class they represent. Do not pick examples that do not support your thesis. Also, make sure that your examples display all the chief features of whatever you are illustrating. Do not give your examples and their details in a haphazard manner; give some real thought to arranging them in the best possible order. You may use order of familiarity, climax, importance, or some other order. Writing Assignment Purpose: to inform Method of Development: exemplification Choose any of the following topics: -Many of today’s drivers have dangerous habits. -Drug and alcohol abuse is ( or is not) a serious problem among many young people. -Children today are not encouraged to use their imaginations. -The best thing in life are definately not free. -Too many Americans are overly concerned/ completely unconcerned with being physically fit. Reminders: 1.Do œnot use reference material in this essay. Use your experience and knowledge only, no reference material. Select a topic that is general enough for you to provide examples on your own. 2.Make sure you ˜exemplify.’ This essay is all about the examples you use. Make sure you use the word example in your transitions (for example¦another example of¦.a final example, etc). 3.No you/your pronouns allowed.