Effects of Dietary Fiber on Blood Glucose and Lipid in Healthy subjects

1. write something interesting about the topic (e.g. some facts, Pop Quiz) 2. write explanatory information to help you understand the topic; 3 references used to explanatory information (e.g. define the words, why is research in this area important?) 3. For each of the two articles, describe the following: a. What is the problem examined in each article? (This may be described as research objective) b. What was the research design for each? c. What Samples/subjects used? (describe the participants or subjects, who were they, what were their characteristics, sample size, number of products evaluated or tested, length of study, etc) d. What Data collection methods used? (what instruments or tools used to collect the data and why). e.What were the statistical analyses used (determine why a particular method was used versus another. For example, why regression, T-test, ANOVA, Chi Square instead of another). What statistics were used to analyze this data and why. f. Summarize the major significant findings of each study. g. Identify the strengths/limitations of each study. 4.Summary of major similarities differences in problem/objective, research design, data collection, statistical analyses, findings, strengths, limitations of the two articles. 5.Implications for practice “ what does the research contribute to the field of Food Science and Nutrition?