English essay Assignment!!! For Aristotle Only!!!!

Hi. I need the following essay revised. I need the following fixed while your rewriting essay:


1.One central theme glimpsed is that of informed consent. Informed consent needs to be filled out more clearly.

2.Address Skloot’s style. Why and how to show the theme of Hela cells.

3.Show other examples and why to show the degree of disrespect that black patients were accorded at the time.

4.Can you explain why Hela cells was deemed unimportant? Show social forces of these times.

5.How does Skloot’s description of Henrietta as a wife and mother fit the thesis? Note:She also loves children.

6.Can you explain why something went wrong on Henrietta’s case, or it was simply denied?

7.Discuss Henrietta being from Clover, Virgina historically and socially.

8.What were the reasons George Gey had from that time to betray Henrietta? Note:Something in the book about patents privacy.

9.Are you sure George Gey’s lying was blatant?


Make sure when you revise this essay, there is more discussion, less quotes, and look at issues from historical social forces and influencing views.


I have attached the essay you wrote before below for revising.