Essay, Nursing Short Answer Questions

Essay, Nursing Short Answer Questions Project description the assigment is a short answer question task, so just keep it short and well answered also there is a reference list in the end of the document that you can have a look if it is useful UNIT TITLE Analyse Health Information ASSESSMENT B1: Short Answer Questions 76) What is Dysphagia and list out the causes and care of patient with dysphagia? 77) What is hypothermia? 78) What are the 5 primary vital observations carried out when assessing a patient? 79) Name two autoimmune disorders, effecting digestive tract and briefly describe about one, of your choice? 80) What is GERD/GORD and Hiatus Hernia? 81) What is Hyperglycaemia? 82) What is hypercholesterolemia? 83) What is anaemia? 84) What is Oedema? 85) Describe what Ascites is? 86) The Australasian Triage scale lists 5 levels of priority they are? 87) What is Hypertension and types of hypertension? 88) Briefly describe the Pathophysiology of Postural Hypertension? 89) What is Embolism and an Aneurysm? 90) What is the normal range for blood pressure in an adult? 91) What is Angina Pectoris? 92) Name 5 locations on the body where a pulse may be felt. 93) What are the 4 locations on the body where a temperature may be taken? 94) What are the 12 body systems? 95) What is the Integumentary systems function? 96) What is Atherosclerosis? 97) Briefly describe the types of Jaundice? 98) List out two types of Arthritis and detail about one, of your choice? 100) Briefly describe about Osteomyelitis and Gout? 101) Define hyperpyrexia? 102) What is endocarditis? 103) Describe what is Diabetes? Your answer should include burden of disease, types of diabetes, pathogenesis and pathophysiology, risk factors, and prevention? 104) What exactly does oxygen saturation measure? 105) What is the normal range for pulse rate in an adult? 106) What is a Myocardial infarction? 107) What is Bi¬polar disorder?. 108) What are the 3 types of body tissue membranes? 109) On an ECG recording the waves or segments have a corresponding event. Explain what each segment and wave represent? 110) Simon is 14 years old, admitted with severe abdominal pain and fever, diagnosed with severe appendicitis. If he is left untreated what would the result be? 111) Describe the difference between a tracheostomy and endotracheal intubation? 112) Adrenaline affects the sympathetic nervous system. Explain the effect on blood pressure, heart beat, breathing and the liver? Additional Resources The University of Pennsylvania medical animation library
Inner Body “ interactive simple animations to explain anatomy and physiology concepts
Interactive sites on cells