Family Health History

. Family Health History Using the Genogram attached and the personal profile develop a Reaction Paper: 2 page typed reaction paper to your findings. (Double Spaced, 12 pt font) Use the information from my personal profile to Were you surprised by any of the information that you learned about your family’s health history? Did you notice any patterns within your family’s health history? Are multiple people afflicted with the same disease or illness? How do you feel about your future quality of life and risk factors for chronic diseases? After completing this assignment are you worried about your future health? Why or Why not Has this information made you think about making different choices for the betterment of your health? After completing this assignment are you worried about the current or future health of your family? How could you help to make a difference in the lives of your family members? I am a 50 year old woman. I have 3 daughters and 1 sister. My parents are both living. I have only one living aunt and no uncles. My Grandparents are all deceased. My parents: Ben and Joyce. No illnesses. Both in mid-70’s. No reported diseases or illnesses. They are both physically inactive although mobile. They are both mentally and emotionally stable although experience bouts of memory loss and anxiety. My parents take various prescriptions drugs such as those typically taken by individuals of this age such as Metoprolol “ Lopressor used for High Blood Pressure, Lunesta as a sleeping aide and Celebrax a pain reliever/anti-inflammatory drug. My sister, 52 years of age, like me is very physically active, healthy and on no prescribed drugs. My aunt is currently fighting lymphatic cancer. At 78 years old she is managing the illness although exhibiting the unfavorable cancer related symptoms, My Grandparents on both sides are all deceased. Harold and Elsie “ Grandfather died at the age of 78 from heart surgery related complications. My Grandmother died at the age of 84 after battling phenomena. My dad’s parents, my Grandparents died earlier than my mothers parents. They both led unhealthy lifestyles. My Grandmother died from cancer and my Grandfather died from alcohol abuse and the downstream system illnesses associated there with. My three daughters ages 24, 23, and 17 are all healthy children with no known illnesses or complication. They however are not athletic or healthy in any form. My two eldest daughters are cardiac intensive care nurses at the local hospital and my youngest daughter is interested in pursuing a career in medicine following the family tradition. As would be expected from young adults my daughters all prefer a diet comprised of Starbucks Mocha chinos, Crispy Crème donuts, Sushi, sugar, starches, and sugary sodas. As for myself, at the age of 50 I have maintained my high school weight, exercise daily, have great endurance, eat healthier than most and have no mental, physical or emotional issues. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT