Watch the video at


Answer the following questions. [limit response to 1-2 sentences] 


Decipher the “Cipher”




Shy and ostracized, the boy was a “ciper”–an unknown number in a class roll book.


What impact does this movie have on your perception as a teacher or aspiring educator? [limit response to 1-2 sentences] 


How does the video relate to the Six important special education decisions that general education teachers can help make: (1)screening, (2)diagnosis, (3)program placement, (4)curriculum placement, (5)instructional evaluation, and (6)program evaluation? Briefly describe one situation that occurred in the video that one of the six may have been appropriately implemented by the teacher.


What measures can you employ to reduce the “Cipher” in your classroom? [limit response to 1-2 sentences]


Make sure you respond to all questions.