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1.Anorexia and bulimia are serious problems with devastating effects. Both are eating disorders, but each has distinct characteristics. What are some differences between these two disorders? How do these disorders affect the people who suffer from them? What leads a person to become either anorexic or bulimic? Are the causes internal, external, or both? Explain your answers



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2. Not that I am an expert in either of these two disorders as I am not, I have some experience with them both.  In my opinion they are totally two completely different disorders with two common denominators food and self-concept/self –esteem.  There origination now, I believe, can be totally different and to some extent in that aspect, make them two separate disorders and people often try and treat them as the same thing.  Eating disorders designed to improve the person’s self-concept.  It is very hard not to view them in this way but from what I have seen they cannot be more different.  What do we know of the believed origins of these two disorders and how might than guide TX do you think?  To what extent is the family involved or significant other during development to each disorder?  Do we know any of this