General Health Strategies

General Health Strategies ¢For this activity, read Chapters 1-5 of œTEACHING TODAY’S HEALTH by: David Anspaugh and Gene Ezell 10th edition to enhance your response. Strategies (15pts/each = 45pts): Create three interactive strategies that can be used to enhance the area being studied. Oftentimes educators lecture about facts and forget to integrate hands-on strategies to promote learning. Each strategy must be interactive and relative to the risk factor above. Include template requirements to create each strategy and submit ONE document containing all three strategies. Template Requirements for Strategies: Create a template using the following requirements (Remember to organize and name the word document as specified above). Please view the sample below for reference. Strategies must be practical and hands-on in order to enhance the risk factor being covered. Pencil and Paper types of games/puzzles etc. are not considered appropriate strategies for this assignment. (Example layout) Risk Factor Category Name of Strategy Grade Level Time Allotted Detailed Description of the Strategy o Explanation of the project o Directions for students o Explanation of how this project is relative to the risk factor(s) o Details should be user friendly (a substitute could read the project and present it if necessary) Materials Needed Questions for Debriefing (minimum of 4 required: FYI “ Did you enjoy the activity? Is NOT considered a debrief question!) When organizing your hands-on strategies please refer to the following example as an appropriate “hands-on” strategy. Make sure you use the template guidelines for your strategies and not the format used with this example. Remember”theses strategies must be interactive and hands-on so that they enhance the risk factor you are covering. Paper and pencil type of activities/strategies are NOT acceptable. You are to think out-side-the-box and create/find an activity that gets ALL students involved to support learning. Sweetly Transmitted Diseases Activity (example) Topic: Sexually Transmitted Infections Target Audience: Ideal for adolescents but can be used with adults also. Goal: Participants will begin a process of understanding the transmission pattern of sexually transmitted infections. Group Size: At least 10 individuals, but not limited to a certain number Time: 15-20 minutes Materials: M&M’s or equivalent-at least five different colors of candies Paper cups Spoons Instructions: 1. Prepare individual cups of candy. Place a mixture of approximately 20 candies in each cup, using any color but green. Prepare one cup with 20 green candies. Take this cup for yourself. Give everyone a plastic spoon. 2. Explain that each participant will receive a cup with candy in it and a spoon. Tell participants to not eat the candies until done with activity. They will then circulate the room, introducing themselves to other participants. During the introductions, participants will exchange candy, using the plastic spoon, with at least 3 people. You, the group leader, with the green candy, also exchange candy with participants. When each individual is finished with this process they should return to their seats for next step to activity. 3. Explain that this is a simulation of STI transmission and unfortunately you have just been to the clinic and been diagnosed with an STI. You can ask for suggestions on what it might be for the purpose of the game. Process: Explain right after activity and before process questions about how the activity was a simulation. What is a simulation? -activity that represents something else in real life. Look in your cup. Are there any green candies? o Have these people stand up¦You are in an STD clinic, and just saw the doctor, the doctor or counselor tells you you’ve just been diagnosed with ________¦ Have you heard of this term before? o Do you know what this STI is? What it means? o How might you feel in this situation after someone tells you that you have this infection? o Who would you want to know? Would you tell your current partner? o How would that make you feel? (telling your partner) Today you will have the unique experience to tell your partners right away about what you just found out¦ People coming in contact with this person (who you traded candies with or who you shook hands with) will now stand with 1st person: ? How do you feel in this situation? Angry will probably be a response given and when it is call the participant on that. Why are you angry? œBrian didn’t know he had a star on the bottom of his candy cup or the specific color note card that meant he was infected. Is it possible for someone to not know they have an STI? ? What would you do in this situation? ? How would you handle it with your current partner? Would you tell them? How many people are thinking, œWhew, I’m glad I didn’t trade candies or shake hands with the first person? You are my denial group¦and move on with activity People coming in contact with these people please stand (same as above) and so on and so on until everybody is standing.