German Homework Help Dialog

Be sure to read the articles by Flippo and Nees on the two forms of address in German, so you can post your second posting. After completing the readings you will transform your dialogue into either the Sie-form or a  dialogue in the Du-form in German.


Be sure to determine whether your two characters will talk to each other in the Sie- or the Du-form. Feel free to name your two characters and play with different conversation scenarios. To get some ideas about the different types of scenarios that would use the Sie- and the Du-form, watch this week’s videos. So your first post should be at least 200-250 words in length and you should have reviewed:


·         The two articles by Nees and Flippo.

·         Think about why the character would address each other formally or informally based on the readings.

German dictates that all nouns should be capitalized even if they are in the middle of the sentence. I’ll be looking for perfect spelling, no typos, and capitalized nouns along with a complete dialog structure. For your reference, I have posted a sample dialog in the Forum instructions and have also placed two audio recordings from in the Lesson 4 supplemental resources. While you do not have translations here, you can hear the pronunciation of the vocabulary. Viel Glück!