Globalization and health care

Globalization and health care Assignment 1 “ Appendix A Scholarly Opinion Paper Opinion papers usually address a timely issue, one that has been in the news and must strongly articulate a point of view or opinion. They can propose a solution to a problem; present a personal experience that relates to a public issue or a ˜dramatic’ story that talks about what nurses do. (Adapted from Buresh and Gordon, 2000) Purpose:The purpose of this paper is to choose a timely issue that affects nursing profession and write a scholarly opinion paper Tips: Remember that it is an *opinion* paper so you must phrase your topic as something about which you can/should have an opinion A key issue, question, speak about key terminology used and specific example¦. Expressing opinion. Giving recommendation and evidence. NSE112 “ Scholarly Opinion Paper Marking Rubric “ 2013 Student: __________________ Student ID # ______________ Criteria Comments Grade INTRODUCTION TO PAPER a) State purpose of paper and describe current issue b) State your opinion c) Provide an outline of the paper d) Introduction should be clear and concise /10 ANALYSIS OF THE ISSUE a) Thorough analysis of the issue using a minimum of 3 scholarly references. 3 scholarly references MUST follow these requirements: -2 must be from peer-reviewed journals; -the third reference may be from a peer-reviewed journal, a textbook OR a professional website. b) Provide logical supporting points for your opinion c) Discuss importance of the issue to nursing and health care in Canada (drawn from your analysis of the literature) d) Analysis of issue and supporting points are presented clearly e) Identify and explain 1 significant recommendation on how nursing might address this issue /20 CONCLUSION a) Based on your expanded understanding of the issue, clearly and concisely summarize the main points of your paper /10 PAPER FORMATTING Uses APA Publication Manual (2010) to guide scholarly writing a) Correct formatting in title page, throughout paper, and in-text citations and reference page b) Accurate grammar, sentence structure and spelling c) 3 page maximum (exclusive of title page & reference list) using 12 font, Times New Roman **Your instructor will stop reading at 3 pages