Health care in the united states and in other countries

Health care in the united states and in other countries This assignment is to write a paper on health care in the United States and in other countries. To write this paper you must be familiar with the information in the book/notes. You will watch Frontline’s series Sick Around the World at the following website: This series of 5 videos (8-15 minutes each) examines the health care systems of other advanced capitalist democracies. You will also watch Frontline’s video Sick Around America (~50 minutes) at the following website: After viewing both videos you will complete the paper as described below. ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””“ Include an introduction paragraph. This paragraph should be a minimum of 4 sentences. From Sick Around the World: Pick out 1-2 components from EACH country’s health care system that you feel are the best components of that system. o In other words, choose 1-2 best components for EACH of the following countries: England, Germany, Taiwan, Japan and Switzerland. o This requirement should only take up 1 paragraph within your paper. I recommend no more than 2-3 sentences per country. Do NOT summarize each country’s health care system. Only include what you feel are the best components of each system. o It is recommended that you print out œFive Capitalist Democracies & How They Do It while watching the film. These notes can be found at These notes are a guide. Do NOT copy any portion of these notes into your paper. From Sick Around America: Discuss 2-3 of the biggest problems with the current health care system in the United States. o Include an explanation of why you think they are the biggest problems. o Each problem should include a detailed description no less than 4 sentences Propose a potential solution for each problem you discuss. Include the realism of your proposed solutions o Describe your proposed solution to EACH problem. o Discuss whether or not these solutions are realistic. ? Are they politically viable (would legislation for these solutions likely pass in Congress?) Why or why not? ? What groups would advocate for these changes and who would oppose them? ? This section should include a minimum of three sentences for each solution. Current health care law: Summarize three major components of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act o Gather this information from (and cite) only reliable, unbiased sources. A list of good sources is available in Blackboard. o This should be a substantive section of your paper. o You should include at least 2 sentences about each component of the PPACA. Include a conclusion paragraph that states your opinion of the current direction of health care reform in the U.S. This paragraph should be a minimum of 4 sentences.