Health Questions

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Answer each question(at least 150 words each). Include Reference in APA Format(if needed).




1.       Discuss the differences between a goal and an objective. Identify two well written examples of each.




2.       What are some of the most commonly used theories and models for describing health behavior? How would you use these theories in your program planning?




3.       Why it is important to consider multiple intelligences when designing health promotion programs?




4.       Why is it important to use theories in program planning? How effective would your program be if it wasn’t guided by a theoretical foundation?




5.      Imagine that you are a health educator and programmer for your county health department. Your department was recently awarded funding from your state to develop and implement a program to prevent tobacco use among adolescents. As part of your program needs assessment, you must determine the availability of, access to, and attitudes toward tobacco among local middle and high school students. Recent and locally applicable data are not available from existing sources.


·         Discuss two data collection methods that you would use to gather this information. Specify the benefits and drawbacks to each method and describe whether the data you collect with each method will be quantitative or qualitative.