Health sciences and medicine

Health sciences and medicine Project description Analyze its contents according to the ethical theories and health care principles we have used throughout this class. Details of Paper Include the following in your paper with clearly marked headings for I “ V: I. INTRODUCTION: Introduce the general ethical issue and the specific article or topic you are presenting and analyzing. II. SUMMARY: (1 “ 2 pages) Summarize the information, presenting the details of the case or medical study that are relevant to the health care dilemma in question. If there is background knowledge essential to understanding this particular case or medical study, provide a brief description, such as references to earlier, historical cases that pertain to your topic. III. ETHICAL ANALYSIS: (2 “ 3 pages) Include your application of both the ethical theories and health care principles in your analysis. A. Theories applied to health care: 1. Select the best possible standpoint from which to approach this case (utility-based, duty-based, or virtue-based ethics). Briefly describe this ethical theory and explain how it supports the best outcome. 2. What is the reason (or reasons) you did not select [one of the remaining two theories], and why? Briefly describe this ethical theory and explain how it might support an unfortunate or unethical outcome. (Hint: look especially at criticisms of this theory in forming your answer.) B. Health Care Principles: Of the three main health care principles we have focused on (respect, beneficence, justice), including their related principles (such as autonomy, confidentiality), do you find that any of them were violated? Which ones, and by whom? Briefly describe each violated principle and explain how and by whom it was violated. IV. CONCLUSION: Re-state the ethical theory that supports the best outcome and fewest (or no) health care principle violations, according to your analysis. Additional concluding remarks are optional. (NOTE: please reserve personal commentary, experience, religious beliefs, etc. for this final paragraph. You are free to include them here if they are relevant to your topic and provide insight into your analysis, but they will not constitute part of your grade.) V. REFERENCES: A minimum of three references, which must include your original article and a general source. [1] Internet link of article (complete link, with title, date, and author) This article must be copied in full at the end of your paper. [2] Levine, C., ed., Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Bioethics (text) Use of quotes from texts are acceptable as long as they are included here as a reference. [3] Internet link, Journal or Book (author, title, publisher, date) on the general ethical issue.