History African Kingdoms

Complete these questions after reading through the links provided.
Create a word processing document titled “African Kingdoms.” Copy the following questions to your document and answer in complete paragraphs (5 to 7 sentences). 
Be sure your answers are in your own words and not just copied from the reading.
  1. What evidence supports the theory that human life began on the continent of Africa?
  2. Describe the importance of the Nile and some of the civilizations it supported.
  3. Explain the relationship between the East African tribes and the Middle East.
  4. Compare the spread and influence of Islam and Christianity in Africa.
Next, use the sources provided in this chapter to identify and explain the role of:
  • Mansa Mansa
  • Dogon
  • Rene Auguste Caillie
  • King Sundiata Keita
  • Slave trade in Ghana