How can Amazon Web Services (AWS) reduce cost in the healthcare industry

How can Amazon Web Services (AWS) reduce cost in the healthcare industry TERM PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Term Project is intended to provide you the opportunity to create new knowledge based on the knowledge you are learning in this course. This can be done in one of two ways: Either by applying knowledge from the course in solving a real world problem or situation OR on a theoretical basis, combine knowledge into a new theory. These two types of projects are very different, so you should give some thought as to which type you are going to accomplish. And, the primary focus of the Term Project is on the first phase of problem solving, Problem Definition. Consider the following phases of solving a real world problem: 1. Identify the problem 2. Define the problem 3. Develop possible solutions 4. Evaluate the possible solutions and choose 5. Plan and implement the solution 6. Monitor situation and follow-up with corrective actions Steps 1 and 2 are considered to be Problem Definition. Consider the following phases of generating new theoretical knowledge: 1. identify the knowledge situation and area of new knowledge 2. define the current state of knowledge 3. develop the hypothesis(es) 4. design/develop experiments or other observable events 5. do experiments/observations 6. generate statistical results to accept or reject the hypotheses 7. develop explanations for results Steps 1 and 2 are considered to be Problem Definition The Term Project will focus on the Problem Definition in either type of project and will ¢ consist of a research paper using solid research and analysis techniques ¢ use at least three academic references are required for a real world project and five or more for a theoretical project o Academic references are journal articles from academic journals or books written by academic authors o Other references can be used as well, including magazine articles, websites, newspaper articles, etc. ¢ be formatted according to APA guidelines ¢ have a topic that is within the field of Engineering Management o This can be an applied problem ? From work ? From personal life OR o Theoretical problem ? Based on information from the literature The primary emphasis of the paper is to define the problem and then discuss how it might be solved ¢ It is not necessary to solve the problem, just discuss how A Real World problem: Before you can solve the problem, you must first define it. This consists of steps 1 and 2 from above. These will include: ¢ The problem definition needs to o Provide background of the situation ? What has been happening ? What are some symptoms or how has this problem come to your attention o Provide a statement of the problem gap ? Current situation or status ? Desired situation, or goal state o Provide evidence and data about the current situation o Be clear about how the achievement of the goal will be determined ¢ The paper should also discuss steps 3 “ 6, based on knowledge from Engineering Management: o You should recommend how you will generate solutions and evaluate them o How you will plan and implement the solution o How you will follow-up and make corrective action o You do not need to do steps 3 “ 6, just make recommendations for how they will be done. A Theoretical problem: Before you do research, you must first define the knowledge you are seeking. This consists of steps 1 and 2 from above and will include: ¢ The problem definition needs to o Provide background of the situation ? What is the general question or area in which you are developing knowledge? ? What is the motivation behind this? o Provide background on the current state of knowledge ? What are some of the related hypotheses or accepted theories? ? Who has done recent research and what was it? ? What is missing from the current body of knowledge that your research will provide? ¢ You should also discuss steps 3 “ 7, although this is not a course on experimental design. You should provide some idea of how you recommend that the data/information be collected and analyzed. The basic outline of the paper should be: ¢ Introduction (a few introductory sentences providing a brief outline of the overall paper) ¢ Background o what is the situation and how the opportunity was identified ¢ Problem Statement o Discuss the problem based on the descriptions provided above ¢ Recommendations o How you will proceed to the final step ¢ References “ You should cite your references in the text of your paper using APA format. ¢ Reducing waiting time in a queue at work ¢ Reducing inventory at work and generating a cost savings ¢ Improving the flow of paperwork and reducing errors ¢ Developing a lean manufacturing process improvement ¢ Analyzing a new machine in terms of process capacity and cost improvement ¢ Develop a schedule for personnel in your work group (or for somebody else) ¢ Improving the flow of customers at a fast food restaurant, bank, grocery store (might be a challenge to get data) SOME THEORETICL PROJECTS ¢ Developing a new method for evaluating R&D project ¢ A method for determining engineer job qualifications ¢ A new optimization method ¢ A method for combining Operations Management techniques