human biology

The Circulatory System

1: Which of the following is not true?
[removed] The muscular layer of the heart is called the myocardium
[removed] The pulmonary circuit of the cardiovascular system transports blood from the heart to the lungs
[removed] Blood is transported to the body via the vena cavae
[removed] The left ventricle pumps blood that is distributed to the head and the rest of the body
2: The _________ valves are one-way valves that prevent blood from draining from the aorta back into the left ventricle.
[removed] semilunar
[removed] bicuspid
[removed] tricuspid
[removed] atrioventricular
3: Heart sounds heard through a stethoscope are
[removed] produced by the flow of blood through the heart
[removed] produced by the closing of the valves
[removed] produced only by the closing of the semilunar valves
[removed] produced only by the closing of the atrioventricular valves
4: The pacemaker of the heart is
[removed] the atrioventricular node
[removed] located in the wall of the left atrium
[removed] known as the Purkinje fiber
[removed] the sinoatrial node
5: Defibrillation
[removed] occurs during some heart attacks and is characterized by abnormal electrical activity in the heart muscle cells
[removed] can be achieved by cardiopulmonary resuscitation
[removed] is a procedure used to measure electrical activity in the heart
[removed] is a procedure in which the electrical activity of the heart muscle cells is restored
6: A myocardial infarction
[removed] is a type of heart attack that occurs when blood flowing through the cardiac arteries is blocked, causing muscle cells to die
[removed] occurs when heart muscle cells die as a result of abnormal electrical activity
[removed] is a procedure used to measure stroke volume and cardiac output
[removed] is common in people who eat low fat diets and get plenty of exercise
7: Which of the following is not a risk factor for heart attack?
[removed] a fatty diet
[removed] a sedentary lifestyle
[removed] smoking
[removed] stress management capabilities
8: A heart murmur is caused by
[removed] weak heart muscle
[removed] a defective heart valve
[removed] a defect in the aorta
[removed] a defect in the vena cave
9: Which of the following is not true?
[removed] Arteries transport blood away from the heart
[removed] Nutrients and waste are transported across veins into body tissues
[removed] Capillaries are found in branching networks in the tissues of the body
[removed] The transport of blood through veins is aided by valves
10: The aorta and its large branches
[removed] contain numerous elastic fibers that help propel blood throughout the body
[removed] are large veins with irregular walls
[removed] are supplied with blood from the right atrium of the heart
[removed] have the lowest blood pressure in the circulatory system
11: An aneurysm is a ballooning that occurs in
[removed] arteries
[removed] veins
[removed] the wall of the heart
[removed] None of the above
12: The lymph is pumped through the body by
[removed] the heart
[removed] the lungs
[removed] the kidneys
[removed] skeletal muscle movement
[removed] the spleen