i wanna some help to correct my essay

nowadays, young and adult all over the world ask themselves when they will meet the right one or who is the person that to end their lives with. How to get married is deferent  on every country. some people know the person before they get married, some of them they don’t ever see each other until the wedding day like in some countries in meddle east . And some of them meet from friend, or some even meet online on a website like in India. However, there are a lot of differences between the dating practices in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.


     In Saudi Arabia, When young or adult man wants to get married, he needs to talk to his parents and specially his  mom. After that, the mother chooses a girl that she thinks will be the right girl. The girl could be from the family or anyone that the man’s mom knows. On the other hand, the girl that have been chosen could see the man’s picture and talk to his sisters about him. Than she can see him once, and than they get engaged. After the engagement, there is  period at which they can know each other more. Sometime the engagement  period can be for months or year, but no longer than tow years. In this time, he can visit her, but he can’t take her to go out with him. Also he could have her number and talk to her whenever he wants to know her more. the girls also could call him and know what he likes and what he dislike to see what their common things are. However, If he or she doesn’t like the author person, he/she can tell her/his parents, and than the parents can end the engagement. Then it will start all over again with another girl. But if they like each other, they get married after the engagement period. That how some people get married in Saudi Arabia, and it also depend on the family and how open they are.


      In contrast to Saudi Arabia, the couple in the U.S. know each other before they get engaged. They may meet each other from school, friends, work, or online websites. when he/she found someone that he/she likes, they may date for months, or even years.They also may move in together to see how their future life looks like. Than they decide whather they want to stay with each others or not. The man has to buy a range to ask the women to marry him. Different from Saudi Arabia, in the U.S. he/she chooses when they want to get married and how long they want the engagement  period. he/ she isn’t supposed to tell his/her parents about everything in their dating period. On this time, they could go out together, travel together, and understand each other more. The parents meet her/his boyfriend/girlfriend when they are dating, but they won’t decide for them who they have to be with. When they are planning to get married, they just have to tell her/his parents to gave them some advice about the married or the wadding. It’s quite different between the families,but that is what couple usually do when they want to get married and while they are dating in the United States.


    It’s clear that there are a lot of differences between dating in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, but it’s not clear which way is right or wrong. In this case I believe that life will bring what is right from family, daily life, or school. Someday you will find who you will end your life with.