interpersonal for week 4

Make sure to write that in the give that has given in the word document for example



4 C

Make sure to do it this way. The intructions are given in the word document that is attached. make sure to label 4A , 4B the way it is mentioned in the word document….

Example for part – 1E and two


I don’t know how to say no to a family member when they ask for my help” might sound strange to some. Of course you know how, you just say “no.” In reality however, saying no may not be that easy, it may not be your habit, may not come naturally, and so forth. In addition, you may not recognize that there is a time for “yes” and a time for “no” and part of rectifying this communication behavior is establishing criteria by which you evaluate the appropriateness of saying yes or no given the circumstances. Then, you develop the necessary skills, language, and so forth to say no effectively.