IT Business case

You have been hired as a consultant for a small retail company that sells widgets online. The company is interested in learning how to use their data to improve their business. They have asked you to write a business case (search term business case template) to explain the justification for implementing a database management system to improve business intelligence within the company. Within your business case, begin by explaining business intelligence. Then explain data management and how a database management system can facilitate business intelligence. You should also explain the benefits that the company will experience with the system. Next, consider the design of the system. Begin by describing the data entities, attributes and keys. For instance, a data entity may be Customer. Attributes of customer may include name and address. The key may be a uniquely assigned customer number. You should have at least five data entities in your database. Create an entity-relationship diagram showing the relationship between the entities (YouTube search term: entity relationship diagram tutorial). Create a relational database model to describe the data (YouTube search term: relational database model