IT Unit 9 Project

Part 1 of your assignment for Unit 9 is to create four pyramids of ideas, one for meetings with IT, one for Manufacturing, one for Distribution, and one for Marketing, based on the case study discussed in Unit 8. In each pyramid, the ‘big idea’ should be “Acquire the soft-candy company,” but the subsequent boxes for “means of achievement,” “logic,” and “evidence” are to be filled in by you. For example, the “means of achievement” boxes could be filled in with strategic options such as “merge nothing – operate as separate businesses,” “merge some functionality,” or “merge all functionality.” You may choose other strategic options, these are meant only as examples. For the “logic” boxes, fill them in with brief descriptions of the rationale for choosing the possible strategic option. For the “evidence” boxes, identify what type(s) of information and research will needed in order to support each strategic option.

Part 2 of the Unit 9 assignment is to provide a 3 to 5 page single spaced Word document in which you explain your rationale for how you filled in the boxes.