**KIM WOODS** Panel Discussion Presentation

Choose one team member who will serve as a moderator. The remaining team members will serve as panelists.

  •  The moderator summarizes the key points of the articles selected by the team in Week One and comes up with at least five questions to ask about the articles.
  • The panelists will answer the moderator’s questions. Each question asked must be answered by every panelist to ensure a wide variety of opinions.
  • Then, the moderator should facilitate a brief discussion related to the team members’ responses to the questions. 

***I am a panelist and these are the articles choosen by the moderator along with the questions that need to be answered.  I have attached the links of the articles below. There is no word count the responses.***


–The first is a scholarly article, while the last 3 are news articles.












Here are the questions that correspond with each article. The article links are posted separately.


Profiling and Police Legitimacy: Procedural Justice, Attributions of Motive and Acceptance of Police Authority 

  • ·         The article states that minorities are more likely than Caucasians so state that the police had no good reason to pull them over.  Do you feel as though just because someone believes that the police had no good reason to pull them over, that they are being racially profiled? Why or why not?
  • ·         Do you believe that if minorities who come in contact with the police would feel less like they were being profiled if they felt they were treated with resect and dignity?

Florida police accused of racial profiling after stopping man 258 times, charging him with trespassing at work

  • ·         Why do you think this man has been targeted repeatedly? Can you think of a reason other than his race that would cause him to be targeted in such a manner?
  • ·         What are your overall thoughts on this article?

Durham Police accused of racial profiling in drug arrests

  • ·         Is racial profiling wrong if it leads to convictions and if those who come in contact with police are in fact breaking the law? Why or why not?
  • ·         Do you consider the setting up of checkpoints in certain areas (those areas with a large number of minority residents) racial profiling?

End racial profiling

  • ·         How can one be certain that police made contact with this man based on his race?