Registration or regulation? What is your position on the current debate for paramedics¦¦¦¦¦. Paramedics are health and medical professionals that give medical care that is outside the hospital and in most cases the medical care is due to an emergency. At the scene of an accident, the paramedics access the conditions of the patients then administer the necessary required treatment at that time. In any kind of accident, paramedics are always the first at the scene to provide professional health care treatment where it’s required. More paramedics need to be trained and registered, this is because they perform many functions, for instance; most mobile clinic emergency are driven by these paramedics. These clinics are necessary because they carry modern equipments and drugs that are required for the resuscitation and stabilization of the affected persons at the scene of the accident. (Brazier, 1999) Secondly paramedics give health programs to communities and patients who have been involved in an accident hence might be having trauma. In addition these same paramedics who have enormous skills help to manage and control scenes of accidents by bringing back order and calmness. It’s not advisable to regulate paramedics because regulations tend to bring in delay in giving out services such as transportation of patients who have been referred from one hospital to another due to either one hospital being overwhelmed by the number of patient or lacking the necessary facilities to treat these patients. For pre-hospital care to improve, paramedics who now acts as knights since they are always active and waiting for any emergencyCONCLUSIONStudents who are willing to study the field of paramedics amongst other qualifications they should be diligent people and willing to work under difficult circumstances thus there will be no need for regulations once they take up the profession. REFERENCES Brazier H et al. (Jan 1999) Searching for the evidence in pre-hospital care: a review of randomized controlled trials. J Accid Emerg Med pg 16 18-2 Place your order now¦¦¦¦..