Please answering following questions, thanks


1. In the movie clip, “Invictus,”( both the actors discuss how a particular poem, song lyric or even a speech can be inspiring and motivating to an individual leader or a team.

a). In your life, do you have a particular poem, quote, speech, lyric or something else that is written that inspires or gives you courage to do something new or take a risk?  Please describe what it is. 

b). If you can’t identify such a thing that inspires your or gives you courage, as a future manager, what would you do to inspire and give others courage to follow your lead (this is not forcing, but inspiring)?


2. Simon Sinek( and Rosabeth Moss Kanter( are two of the most respected thought leaders in the world today about leadership and human interaction, please watch these videos

a). Based on the videos,  please discuss what did you learn about helping and inspiring others, remaining engaged despite the obstacles, building trust with individuals and organizations and being an authentic leader? (you only need to comment on a few items listed)

b). Please discuss what you can begin doing differently than you currently are to increase your capacity to inspire others, build relationships and trust, remain focused on your goals, and/or be an authentic leader. (you only need to comment on a few items).


3. In the back of the textbook, page 444-445 (SEE ATTACHEMENTS BELOW), Case 4, “Timberland – From Bootmaker to Earthkeeper,” please thoroughly read the case.

a). When reviewing the case, what do you believe CEO Jeffrey Swarz did effectively as a leader? 

b). Please discuss if you would you like to work for a leader like Swarz or organization like Timberland, Why or Why Not?


4. In the back of your textbook, page 456-457 (SEE ATTACHEMENTS BELOW), please read Case 14, “Zappos They Do It with Humor,” please read the case carefully. 

a). What does Tony Hsieh do that you believe makes him an effective leader? 

b). Would you like to work for a leader like Hsieh or an Organization like Zappos, Why or Why Not, please discuss.