Models of Strategic Planning

1200-1500 words

textbook:    Coulter, M.  (2012).  Strategic Management in Action, 6th Edition. 



There are a number of well-known strategic planning models. To bring your team up to speed on the evolution of strategic planning itself, write a white paper of 1200–1500 words, addressing the following specific models of strategic planning:

·         Michael Porter’s 5 Forces

·         Adrian Slywotzky’s Value Migration

·         W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne’s Blue Ocean Strategy

Using the Web resources provided and any others you find, make sure to address the following specific questions in your white paper:

·         The premise underlying each of the three models of strategic planning and the advantages each brings to the process

·         How to apply or implement strategic planning using each of the 3 methods

·         The pros and cons of each strategic planning method