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The essay is about Islamic way of killing the animal ” halal”. Recently in demark ban it and here is the link


You have to write a paragraph of that.  

 You have to argue this article because they don’t have to ban Halal .



. My stand is with ” Halal”.

The layout of the essay should be like this


Introduction / Thesis ( I want really strong thesis statement that contain although and should Halal be permitted)

                      –  Culturally  significant 


-definitions ( you have to define Halal )

-history ( talk about the Halal history)

-Denmark ( why they are doing this)


Humans etc.


Counterarguments ( with Halal food)



Please read carefully the professor instructions she is really detailed. And make sure that the essay is 6 pages long. And you have to do work cited page and Annotated Bibliography.

So total pages now will be 8 pages MLA style.