Mstone 2 shrt answer quiz

Overview: Answer the following questions. Each response should be no longer than a paragraph. Refer to your MindEdge resource to aid you, but make sure 

your responses are in your own words. 

1. Define assimilation and enculturation and describe the primary differences between the two. 

2. Give at least one example of a subculture you were a part of at one point in your life. What made this subculture different from the culture at large? 

Describe some of the beliefs or practices that defined this subculture. Keep in mind the module explanation of subculture as “a cultural pattern shared by a 

group within a larger culture” (MindEdge, 2.05).

3. Describe potential ethical dilemmas associated with modernization as defined in the module. What are some of the benefits of modernization in your 


4. The working hours of the day, the chairs we sit in, and the types of food we can buy at a market or grocery store are all examples of how our biology 

influences our culture. Give at least two other examples of how our biology influences culture.