my experience while i was on orientation/training as Licensed Practical Nurse

the paper should have three main ideas. 1 Pediatrics Patients 2 Adults Patients 3 OB/GYN Patients pediatrics- i got the opportunity to interact with pediatrics patient and their parents, give due shots/immunizations and treatments such as giving nebulizers via face mask, triage patients,answer question to concerned parents, assist parent to get their child wick forms fill out, and school forms fill out. Adult- triage the patient taking their vital signs, giving vaccines, injections such as vitamin b12, depo-provera, PPD skin test,collecting specimen, collecting urine for drug screening, urinalysis, pregnancy test,glucose testing, phone note for patient doctor, getting patient prescription refill, follow up on patient who are on coumadin to varify if they are compliant with change of dosages by their doctors, and they keeping their appointments, observe PT/INR. Teach patient how take insulin OB/GYN- OBSERVED NEW PREGNANT PATIENT BEING SCREENED and the different test they do as the pregnancy progresses, working with the doctors and assist the doctors in doing the proceduressuch as colposcopy, endometrial biopsy, pap-smear pelvic-exam,leep,glucose check, triage patient who has done c-section take their blood pressure, pulse,weight, temperature,