Myths of the bogus refugee claimant Cuts to health care undermine our humanitarian efforts

1.    Read OPINION: Myths of the bogus refugee claimant”
a.    Click or paste the link into your web browser:
2.    After reading, write a critical response to the article.
a.    Start your critique with a few introductory sentences giving the following:
    Article title, source, date, names of the authors
    State the authors’ thesis
b.    Summarize the authors’ key points in full sentences using your own words.
c.    After the brief summary, write your critique of the article. Thoroughly review Unit 5 to understand what is expected. I cannot stress enough that you are NOT supposed to talk about the topic, you are NOT supposed to talk about what you think of refugee claims; you ARE required to evaluate Ellis and Inglis’s argument! In other words, do they make a convincing case that there is no such thing as a bogus refugee claimant? Use the questions on page 21 of Unit 5 to structure your article critique.
d.    Finish the critique with a final judgment of the article.
e.No point form!