Paraphrase for A-PLUS WRITER

I need you to do rephrase the writing portion of the report only. These are the four parts to be rephrased: Abstract, Theory, Procedure, Discussion and Concllusion I need the same ideas, but in different words. Here are everything you need to know about the parts. Thank you.



  •  Abstract should be no longer than 1⁄2 pages to 3⁄4 pages. You should clearly state the objective of the experiment in the very first sentence. You must also briefly answer a) What was done? b) How was it done? c) What were your basic results? d) How is your result compare to that of theory and/or other sources?


  • Theory:

 With books and other sources, you must provide background information that helps

in analyzing your data. You should include theoretical information for all of the equations that you used in analyzing your data. This should be at least two to three pages.


Discussion and Conclusion:

 Explain how your results relate to the theory. Similarities and differences between

your results and that of others can be used to confirm your conclusions. You must explain in detail some sources of error. If your result disagrees with the published source, try to explain possible sources of error. If it agrees, you must also explain how you obtained the accurate results. For the concluding paragraph, you must discuss the most important overall result and explain what you have accomplished. Remember, this section weighs more than any other section for a good reason.