Public Budgeting Process: Need A for sure

It shall be 1800 – 2200 words, APA format double spaced with a cover sheet and a reference page.  Grading will not only be on content but also on grammar, spelling and format of your paper.

Topic: Federal, State and Local Governments all have and need budgets to operate.  Compare and contrast between them.  When does their fiscal year start and end; What type of budget format do they use (line item, zero balance); What is the complexity of their budgets and their process for approval;  Do their budgets work??  Which Government is more wasteful then the other or are they all wasteful when it comes to spending??

This will take some research. 
Appropriate references may include books, journal articles, magazine articles, other online references, and court case citations. The body of the paper should contain an identifiable introduction, analysis and discussion of the topic, and a clear conclusion. The papers should be written in the third person.