questions 2

All 14 questions should be a min of 200 words each question.  references cited and noted apa guidelines apply.



Unit 5

1.  What skills and knowledge are acquired through a typical international assignment?

2. Briefly describe the three general types of goals used as the basis for performance criteria?

Unit 6

1.  Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the going rate approach to international compensation and the balance sheet approach.

2.  Describe some categories of basis-for-pay of strategic pay systems

3. Present the general objectives of international compensation for a firm

4.  List the objectives of international compensation for an employee.  Which of these would be the most important to you?  Why?

Unit 7

1.  List and discuss three ways that a trade union may limit the strategic choices of multinationals

2.  What does the term offshoring mean?  What are some of the weakness in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry?

3.  How have unions responded to multi nationals as the bargaining power of the multinationals has grown?

4.  What are some factors which may require multinational headquarters to be involved in industrial realtions?

Unit 8

1.  List and describe the three levels of international human resource management analysis of potential risk from terrorists?

2.  List and explain five categories of external risk assessment which need to be addressed by a multinational enterprise?

3.  What are some developments in the international sector concerning bribery and corruption?

4.  What are some non-government organizations, and do they have the same international human resource management issues?